Methods of Testing for Rating Electrically Driven Unitary Air-Conditioning and Heat Pump Equipment
ASHRAE Standard Project Committee 37


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Title, Purpose, and Scope

1. PURPOSE: The purpose of this standard is to provide test methods for determining the cooling capacity of unitary air-conditioning equipment and the cooling or heating capacities, or both, of unitary heat pump equipment.
1.2 These test methods do not specify methods of establishing ratings that involve factors such as manufacturing tolerances and quality control procedures.

2.1 This standard applies to electrically driven mechanical-compression unitary air conditioners and heat pumps consisting of one or more assemblies that include an indoor air coil(s), a compressor(s), and an outdoor coil(s). Where such equipment is provided in more than one assembly, the separated assemblies are designed to be used together.
2.2 This standard does not include methods of testing the following:
(a) cooling coils for separate use
(b) condensing units for separate use
(c) room air conditioners
(d) heat-operated unitary equipment
(e) liquid chilling packages
(f) multiple indoor air coils operating simultaneously in heating and cooling modes.


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Christopher Stone


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Eric Berg


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